Friday, August 14, 2009


After work I met with my parents at South Street Seaport . I love downtown more than any other area in Manhattan. It's quiet, the river is there, pretty little streets and no congestion. We went to have early dinner at Fulton Street at Red  Mexican Restaurant. I've been here once before and didn't remember how bad the food was. For $10 tacos I'd expect something spectacular. The tacos I normally order for lunch from this hole in the wall by my job are just $2 and change and taste so much better. Big disappointment at Red. I have to say though that the frozen margaritas were really good and they have like ten different flavors. They are big and cost you $9, but so worth it. All you need is one, really.
After dinner we started walking towards Battery Park City and Winter Garden. 
The promenade offers gorgeous views of Jersey. Lots of joggers, dog walkers and people walking home from work. Few restaurants on the side. I would love to work and live here. What a wonderful lifestyle. Beautiful gardens, boat slips, promenade, outdoor restaurants etc.
Banana Republic (my favorite store) had sale event going on with refreshments and appetizers served on the side. Everything -25%. I found pretty dress and white blazer, but no right sizes. Oh, well, I shouldn't buy any clothes anyway. Need to utilize the ones I have already.
Winter Garden is used for many different purposes. Besides having few stores and restaurants, they also have movie nights, concerts, dance classes and other fun events.


  1. heissan! Ai asustelet itekkin nycissä? thanks, Se on iha vaan forever 21sta joskus syksyllä ostettu! :)

  2. Heips Wiizuliina,

    jep, taalla sita tosiaan ollaan ja elellaan viidetta vuotta putkeen. Sulla on kylla vauhdikas elama josta on kiva lukea!


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