Sunday, August 9, 2009


It was gloomy day in New York and before I walked out the door this morning I made sure I had my umbrella and rain boots. By the way, I still haven't found cool rainboots, so I'm wearing these Burberry imitations that are way too big. Husband bought them for me while back and obviously did not bother to check my shoe size... I might go check if   Laila Rowe has any cute new boots on sale since it's right around the corner from me. but it feels good to wear more clothes today, skinny jeans and boots. I feel so fall. The temperatures are getting up to 80F this afternoon, so it's not cold, but the forecast says rain and isolated T-storms.
Simple breakfast today: dark rye bread with Oltermanni cheese and lettuce, Greek yogurt with honey and orange juice to wash it down with. For lunch I'm planning on running down the street and go to Starbucks for chai. Brunch with friends and bottomless mimosas would be nice today. And pool day at the Parker Meridien rooftop pool. It's covered so little rain would not bother. That place would also be awesome for some photos.The view of the Central Park is to die for. If you are not a member the fee to use the pool is about $70, which I personally think is ridiculously high price. But I guess that brings exclusivity or something.
I follow this lady Sarma Melnaiglis on Twitter who is the owner of vegan restaurant Pure Food and Wine in the city. She is one of these succesful young healthy hipsters and her tweets always make me so hungry. I think some people would not find these foods appetizing, but this mornings tweet about her drinking cilantro, parsley, sunflower sprout, pineapple and lime green shake with vanilla and stevia just makes me want to take the train down to her place and order it right now. If you're on Twitter be sure to follow me as well at 

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