Friday, August 28, 2009


Growing up I never had any kind of skin problems. My skin care routine consisted of water and moisturizer and I used make up very rarely. I was close to college age when I finally included cleansing milk, toner and scrub in to my daily skin care. Now close to 30 years old my skin is worse than it's ever been. I have adult acne that's really frustrating because nothing seems to work on it. 

I tried Proactiv for about 4 years (that's when I first started breaking out mildly, due to excessive sun exposure while living in the Hamptons, I believe). Proactiv took about 3 months before I started seeing my skin clearing. But then about 6 months ago I noticed that it wasn't really doing anything anymore, completely ineffective. My cosmetician Karen told me that lot of her clients have noticed the same thing, Proactiv just stops working on their skin. So now I'm trying new method that might sound a little rough. After washing my face in the night I apply pure rubbing alcohol directly on my pimples. It dries them out pretty fast and the biggest bumps are gone by the morning. There's still red marks all over, but I'll let few microdermabrasion sessions take care of those.

I've become so paranoid with my skin, because every little thing I do seems to affect it and create a new pimple. I'm careful not to touch my face with dirty hands (or let anyone else touch it either), not let the cell phone or phones at work to touch my cheeks, change pillow case at least twice a week and not let me kitties to touch my face with their little paws.

I saw this great article at the latest Lucky Magazine where different beauty editors talked about their skins and one of them was my age with same problem skin. She said Sonya Dakar's Omega3 repair complex is the only moisturizer she uses now and her skin has cleared. Another product that she swore by is Shu Uemura's Moyoco Anno cleansing oil (more oil on an oily skin? Doesn't sound like the right thing to do, but she was convinced it helped clearing her skin) and Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion cream. I got a sample of my spa's own microdermabrasion cream and I just love the feeling of those tiny microbeads gently scrubbing the dead skin cells off my face.

Since we still have few more weeks of summer left, she recommended John Masters Organics SPF30 natural mineral sunscreen to protect your delicate skin from that evil sun. Does not clog pores and is very light due to it's pure minerals.
I believe my skin gets used to stuff that I put on it after a while and that makes most products ineffective, so I also ordered a sample from Burts Bees new acne solutions. I love Burts Bees for their eco- and animal friendliness and glad that they have come up with this new series for us with face issues.

A friend of mine also recommended Hot & Cold facial sauna from Revlon. It has two settings, one for warm steam to open up the pores and another one for cold to close the pores. Essentially, facial steams cause the skin to perspire, allowing pores to open up and breathe. Dirt, oil and grime, which can easily clog the pores and lead to breakouts, blackheads and other imperfections, are deeply cleansed as the steam penetrates the face. Steam also revives tired skin, removes toxins and improves circulation. My girlfriend said this treatment once a day helped clear her skin when she was struggling with the same issue last summer. It costs $50 and totally worth the price.

Another important change I've made is Bare Escentual's Pure Minerals Make Up. I just got the starter pack ($60 at Sephora), but I will return to Bare Escentuals' brand new flagship store in Herald Square for the eye make up kit (when they have sale). I watched the tutorial DVD that comes with the package and I'm ready to start using the bare minerals tomorrow. Didn't look too hard to do. I will do separate posting about it one day soon.

I'm sure to try all these products and report back to you guys when (and if) I start seeing improvement on my skin.

Lunch picnic in the park yesterday. Just me and my foot long sub.

UPDATE 4/17/2013: I've simplified my routine and you can take a look at it here.


  1. Ajattelin vihdoinkin kommentoida jotain, vaikka olen taustaillut täällä jo pidempään :)

    Kärsin samasta ongelmasta ja ikä lähenee 30!! Mutta minkäs teet. Ihoni ei kyllä ole pahimmassa jamassa, mutta vaatii aika paljon hoitoa. Välillä on kausia, jolloin iho voi erittäin hyvin ja välillä taas kausia, jolloin voisi vain huutaa ärsytyksestä :/.

    Oletko muuten kokeillut Dermalogican tuotteita? Itse olen käyttänyt niitä nyt koko kesän ja toimivat mielestäni aika kivasti. Etenkin niiden öljyinen puhdistusjuttu on ihan loistava :)

  2. i've been using coconut oil.. yes oil on oily skin. But it works like magic.
    It's also a healthier choice, when cooking. Works magic on hair aswell, as burnt skin. There are a ton of other solutions too. (:


  3. So it seems that OIL is the answer here. I've heard the same thing from few other sources as well, so I will give it a try. I will also get the "face sauna" because my friend convinced me. I just saw her yesterday and her skin is absolutely perfect. Thanks for your comments guys!

    Oljy se on! Ja Googletin juuri Dermalogican ja niilla on hoitola Sohossa. Voisi kavaista kysymassa mita suosittelevat minulle.Aika turvautua jareisiin aseisiin...

  4. Another vote for Dermalogica over here, the Special Cleansing Gel is amazing. Also, you're probably doing this already but make sure you get some probiotics to keep your "friendly bacteria" going. Oh, and Milk Thistle (it's a herbal supplement, clears your skin in no time). Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the awesome input. I will def try the herbal supplements as well. Just started reading about Milk Thistle and Yellow dock that seem to be great acne fighters. Never even heard either one of these, so thanks for the tip. Slow days at work are so awesome for this stuff...

  6. Thanks for the awesome input. I will def try the herbal supplements as well. Just started reading about Milk Thistle and Yellow dock that seem to be great acne fighters. Never even heard either one of these, so thanks for the tip. Slow days at work are so awesome for this stuff...

  7. By the way, in case you end up trying Dermalogica, first get the starter kit :)And of course go to face mapping :)

  8. Mielenkiintoinen aihe ja keskustelu täällä virinnyt, sillä itsekin kärsin samoista ongelmista. 37-veenä tuntuu vähintäänkin rasittavalta kärsiä iho-ongelmista, kun niistä ei ole vuosiin kärsinyt. Viime keväänä ihoni alkoi oirehtimaan eikä loppua näy. Kun yksi alue näyttää paremmalta, on jo näppylää jossain muualla. Blaah!

    Kiinnostuneena siis lueskelin näitä kommentteja ja kirjoitustasi ja taidanpa laittaa muistiin näitä tuotteita. Itsekin olen kuullut, että öljy sopii rasvaiselle iholle, niin hassulta kuin se kuulostaakin.


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