Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This morning when I was walking for work with him (he works 6 blocks away from me) I noticed a beautiful sight of Magnolia Bakery on the corner of Rockefeller Center. What?! Why didn't I know they have one right here!?? I've been going all the way to the Village to get mine. This is what happens when you don't do the research and visit their website.
Anyway, after the shock I went in and ordered 2 chocolate on chocolate cupcakes (calm down, it wasn't all for my breakfast, one was for my friend Keli). I'm so glad (it's so close) and mad (I will be going here way too often) that I discovered this location just a short walk from my job. Fresh baked cupcakes are just sooo dang good. Sorry, forgot to take a picture, because they went so fast...


  1. This is why I want to be a New Yorker!!!!

  2. Ma olen tiennyt, etta liikkeita on kaksi, mutta ollut laiska ottamaan selvaa mista se toinen loytyy.. :) No nyt selvisi, ehka tahan myymalaan ei ole niin pitkia jonotuksiakaan mita Willagessa aina on.

  3. Maki, it sure has it's moments. Especially when you discover new cool places and stores.

    Madison, ma tiesin etta Upper West Sidella on yksi jonne aina lahetan asiakkaita jotka kyselevat lahinta Magnoliaa. En tieda miksi en ole koskaan kattonut netista kaikkia niiden liikkeita. Rockefeller Center on niin paljon lahempana meidan hotellia. Ja Rockefeller Centerissa ei todellakaan ollut kamalaa jonoa. Molempina kertoina kun kavin siella (tanaan viimeksi...) oli pari asiakasta mun edella jonossa.


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