Monday, August 31, 2009


I forgot where I got this article from (maybe Karen Salmasohn?), but it gives few good advices on how to foster heart-healing love.
First one, and maybe the most important one, is to learn to love yourself. She gives a tip to write down 10 things you love about yourself every day. Be creative. They can be as simple things as "I love how I try to improve my health by reading health blogs." Self-love may take time and practice, so be patient.
Do something nice to nurture your relationships. Send a loving good morning text to "him", buy your co-worker morning coffee (if you know what he/she likes), send your parents a card, invite your neighbor for a cup of tea and a cupcake etc. The list is endless.
Let people know how you feel about them. You think they all know you care about them, but hearing it could work wonders. This might be hard at first, but gets easier with time.
Stop to smell the roses. Sometimes it feels like there's not enough time, you're always in a hurry, just rushing from one thing to another. Especially here in NYC. You even walk fast all the time for no reason.  Make time to enjoy the simple things in life like friendship, flowers, music or a bubble bath. Life's short and you don't want to miss out on that.
Forgive others. Don't hold onto grudges. It only hurts you. You can try to write down your grievances and then destroy the paper. Or try painting or drawing them.

Live good.

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