Thursday, August 13, 2009


I love spending my time in luxurious surroundings such as gorgeous restaurants. This is also why I switched from the dingy NY Health and Racket Club on 56th St. to Gravity at Le Parker Meridien. The space is just so grand that it makes me feel important and like I'm living large when I walk through this lobby to go to my gym.

Hanging out at the gym lounge. Free fruits and refreshments are served. You can watch other people sweat their butts off, or you can watch TV. TV is usually my pick. If I have extra time I sometimes take the elevator up to the lobby of the hotel. They have really comfortable big chairs in there as well and you can do people watching and spot a celebrity or two every now and then. This is THAT kind of hotel. Oh, and 50 Cent works out at my gym. Saw him once with his trainer. What a terrible workout he has. And by terrible I mean a killer workout, because I would die if I had to go through it.

My sporty business look: black suit with black sneakers. Looks horrible together, but oh so comfy. I can run to the gym fast and back to work. So it is very practical outfit as well.

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