Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok, this is going to be one of those easy and short "my day in pictures" postings. So here we go. During lunch I managed to go to the gym for a quick 5 machine workout and after I was sitting outside enjoying the day.
I brought lunch from home today for once and had something I've missed for long time; dark rye bread  from Finland. I made a sandwich with baby muenster cheese (Oltermanni from Finland), lettuce, bell peppers and cucumbers. And for dessert I had my favorite Greek yogurt with honey.
It was not so sunny out, so this plaza where I sometimes sit and eat was nice and empty. Usually it's packed. But not today. I had time to help some tourists to find ice cream shop, nail salon as well as a shoe repair place. Wow, I guess my whole presence just screams hospitality. Or maybe it's just my friendly aura.
I also had time to take the F train uptown (Ok, I was suppose to go downtown, but took the wrong train...) and see what's in the area around 63rd and Lexington. Saw a puppy shop and felt sorry for these pups; 50% off all dogs. I don't like the sound of that. The cheaper they are the easier it is for some asshole to buy a dog without thinking about it too much and then get rid of it or not take care of it. Plus, there are already too many dogs in shelters that are looking for homes. Just go get one from the shelter.
After work it was time to go to Steve Madden. I got invited to a cocktail party at Steven by Steve Madden store in Lower East Side where Jessie James performed and free cocktails were flowing. Check her out on MySpace Music (click on her name above).
We got there around 8pm and it was packed. Jessie was just about to start performing when we walked in and bar was packed as well. I think they invited too many people, because the store isn't that big. I was really hoping for quiet shopping event (I love Madden's shoes) where you can sip cocktails at the same time and listen to Jessie sing quietly in the background.
We did not stay for long. We headed back to the Village and walked around trying to find restaurant to have dinner at. We ventured to Groove NYC  where I've been few times before. They got awesome live bands (funk, R&B, jazz, soul) and their happy hour is amazing. We had 2 glasses of White Zinfandel for $4 and listened to some jazz band that was pretty good. We were feeling it. But it was impossible to have a conversation because the music was so loud. 
So we left and kept looking for dinner places. So many choices, but we ended up choosing little cozy Italian with outdoor seating and $5 margaritas

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