Friday, July 24, 2009


I was in supermarket heaven earlier this week when we wandered off to Fairway . The place itself is huge and freezing, but what a great selection in natural and organic products. And their dried fruit, nut and seed section; humongous. They had every fruit and vegetable imaginable dried and packed. I picked some dried kiwis, since I love kiwi, but sometimes when you buy fresh off the supermarket they just never get soft and sweet.
Crystallized ginger. Love it. I eat it in the morning on the train on my way to work, wakes up my digestive system.
 These two fellas; dried banana chips and walnuts I just mix up in small freezer bags and snack on whenever I get hungry; on the train, at work, during lunch.
This vintage Aalto vase  was given to me by my grandmother during our last trip to Finland. Since its unveiling in 1937 at the Paris World's Fair, the Aalto vase has been an international sensation. Its mysterious shape has been the subject of much speculation; some say it is based on Aalto's sketches entitled, "The Eskimo Woman's Leather Breeches." Others speculate that the fluid shape might be inspired by the lines of the Finnish landscape. I filled it with some tropical underwater elements and it is sitting on the windowsill of our guest suite bathroom.

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