Saturday, July 11, 2009


Another one of the perks working in a hotel is that you get to test the products your property sells. For example I can stay at the hotel any time I want to as long as we have rooms available. But to tell you the truth, I have stayed there only few times in all these years. It is just so much nicer to sleep in your own bed. We also sell all kinds of tour tickets and promote bunch of restaurants, clubs and stores in the area. So we get invited for free dinners and get great discounts in variety of places. So yesterday we took advantage of an invitation to go to check out the Sex and the City tourThe bus left at 3pm in front of the Plaza Hotel and Pulitzer Fountain. Our mode of transportation was big air conditioned bus with TV screens to watch clips of the show that take place in the areas we are in. 
First stop was the Plesure Chest which is the sex shop where you can find the famous pink rabbit that Charlotte so adored. We also visited the Magnolia Bakery which is THE spot to get the best cupcakes ever. It is always busy and now I know why. I am sure to come back and get those cupcakes for birthday celebrations or whatever comes up next. Their frosting just melted in my mouth and did not taste like butter like some cupcakes do. Yum!

 We also had cosmos at Scout which in real life is called ONieals and located in the corner where Soho meets Little Italy. This is Steve's bar where all the bar scenes for the show were shot.

Buddakan is Meatpacking District hotspot where I believe Carrie and Mr. Big had their rehearsal dinner or something the day before their wedding was suppose to take place in the movie. The space is impressive. My friend Keli already booked it for her soon to be wedding reception. Wink wink.
Imagine having your big event here. The downstairs dining hall can fit an airplane in it. What amazing photos you could get taken in here. And that long table could seat most of your friends and family for sure. I know it could fit all mine... No doubt.

This is the church where Samantha met the hot priest. It is called the Church of the Transfiguration, the "Little Church Around the Corner," and it is located on East 29th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues.It is just adorable tiny church.

Carrie's stoop on Perry Street
Hanging out in the West Village made me really want to spend more time in that area. We have been stuck in Midtown for so long for no reason. I think Village is real New York and the reason why I wanted to move here in the first place. It just has the right athmosphere.

Our friend and co-worker Nick joined as after the tour for some dinner at Tonic east side rooftop. It was eight of us laughing the night away and realizing how cool it is to live in this city and have great people around you to share it with. I love my life. Cheers to that.


  1. Taisi olla kiva tour :)
    Kuinkas korkkareilla pärjäsit?
    Cupcakesit on kyl parhaita ikinä, mutta ystäväni sanoi että Sprinkles ketjun ovat parempia, kuinka se on edes mahdollista?! Nykiin on kans tulossa piakkoin Sprinkles myymälä :)

  2. Oli kiva paasta katsomaan alueita joissa ei ole aiemmin tullut niin paljon hengailtua. Ma olen ollut niin midtown-keskeinen...

    Hmmm... ma ostin Williams-Sonomasta sen Sprinklesin do-it-yourself-seoksen, eli lisataan vaan maito tai vesi tai jotain enka tykannyt niiden frostingista. Se maistuu ihan voille niinkun kaikki supermarkettienkin. En tiia, taytyy kylla kokeilla itse leipomoa jos ne sen tanne avaavat. Seuravaksi haluan kokeilla sita BabyCakesia jossa on vegaanicupcakeseja.Kuulema uber hyvia.

  3. Aih, mulla oli niin tarkotus kayda ostaa niita Williams- Sonomasta ja kokekeilla. Ehken niita sit haekaan :)
    BabyCakesista en ole kuullutkaan, taytyypas tutkia asiaa :D


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