Saturday, July 4, 2009


Im still quite new to this whole 4th of July thing, but what it seems to mean is backyard barbecues. So we did the same thing, now that we have our wonderful new grill. Jerk chicken, baked bbq beans, corn on the cob. Corona. Whole morning I was gardening. For hours I was pulling weeds and trimming the trees and bushes. I can honestly say at this point that I hate gardening and wish we lived in a condo with a balcony. No grass, no plants, no flowers.

And once he got home from picking up his mother from the cruise terminal I asked him to help me bagging all the garden debris. The answer was why do you even bother doing all this. I don't feel like doing it, its too hot. why don't you just call the landscapers and pay them to do it all. WHAT! Im trying to save us some money here and trying to be responsible home owner. This is what we are suppose to do. Spend all our free time and energy fighting the weeds and overgrown plants. And you tell me to pay off one of the landscapers to do little favors for us. After I just spent 4 hours killing myself out there in the heat. I guess you are right. It takes 15 minutes and $50 for Jorge and Carlos to do what I just did in 4 hours. I suck.
After the dinner we headed out to our local park to see the fireworks. It was nice walk through the pretty neighborhood. Next year I want to have dinner at the restaurant on top of the mountain overlooking the fireworks. Should probably make reservations tomorrow if I want to get in.

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