Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today Keli and I went to Asskicker class at Gravity . Our trainer Kevin got our behinds pretty good this time as well, but I have to say that it is getting easier. I don't feel like I'm about to pass out anymore in the middle of the class. So it's working, I'm getting stronger. We are still celebrating the NYC Restaurant Week and our pick for this beautiful sunny Friday evening was Cipriani Wall Street .
Located on Wall Street in Financial District it stands as a triumph of Greek revival architecture and has 70 foot ceilings and gorgeous balcony for dining al fresco. That was our pick of course. It's summer and eating outdoors is the way to go whenever you have the option.
Service was top notch, but food was nothing to write home about. Once again, the best part of the dinner was the dessert. Look at that chocolate cake and those fresh berries in sabayon. Delicious.

 After the dinner we decided to explore downtown little further since we hardly ever come here (I've said it before; we are way too Midtown-concentrated and need to get out of the area). So our tour guide Nick (architecture and design freak) took us around the streets of Financial District and wow, were we impressed. I would love to live here. And they got so much night life as well, tons of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating. And very little cars. This is perfect place to make my home at.
And last, but not least (it was around midnight at this point), the necessary photo with the bull. Whenever in the area, must get photographed with the bull. And we're classy ladies (even we look like we're on "Price is right"), so no photos with the bulls behind .  


  1. Great blog! You seem to have a pretty interesting life there in NY. Makes me want to jump into a plane and fly far far away. Helsinki lacks for excitement!

  2. Iiiih, onneksi tulin piipahtamaan täällä. Mulla on tullut sellainen "enjaksanytlähteäkaikkibyrokratiaon PASKAA", fiilis, mutta sait mut taas motivoitumaan Nykiin muutosta! Kiitos!

  3. I miss Helsinki so much! I love New York, but there's something special about HKI City. I love the quietness and lack of cars and people (compared to NYC). It's tiring to be around congestion all the time.

    Joo, byrokratia sucks, mutta ota itseas niskasta kiinni ja hoida paperisota pois. New York on niiin sen arvoinen.Guaranteed.


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