Thursday, July 23, 2009


 Today we had reservations at Compass on Upper West Side. Keli used to work there before she joined our beautiful team of professionals at the Hotel. We had our collegue Anthony and of course the usual Nick to join us. Compass serves seafood, but their restaurant week menu was anything but seafood. The athmosphere is very relaxed and cozy, but with five star white glove service. The above photo is my appetizer. It had tomato, watermelon, feta cheese and watercress with some kind of herbs, maybe cilantro. So refreshing and all these different flavors sour, sweet and salty complimented each other beautifully. I have to make this at home one day.
For some reason appetizers and desserts are always the most memorable ones for me and main course just passes by. For dessert I had pineapple tart in coconut soup with pistachio ice cream. Need I say more. Yummy.
It was pouring rain (again) as you may notice from our accessories (umbrellas), but we felt energetic after that fun meal and walked to the subway instead of hopping in to cab. Subway stations always give nice background for random shots as you may see from the following...
Rocking my People's Liberation jeans with high heels and my new fav blazer. I felt extremely good tonight.
Time for some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be another exciting day involving gym and Cipriani.

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