Thursday, July 9, 2009


I tried to go to that NYC Restaurant Week kickoff party this afternoon, but the lines were ridiculous and I heard some people cursing that they had been standing on line for long time and when it was their turn to get their plate they were informed that there was no more. So I guess lot of these restaurants were not well prepared for getting this many people coming over. I was there with my bellman Amid and he had told me about some wonderful place where he sometimes goes to get halal food and we decided to have our lunch there since it was right around the corner from Time Warner Center where the event was held.
Istanbul Cafe was very cutely decorated and almost empty when we walked in around 1.30pm. We were seated in the quiet garden terrace in the back of the building where Turkish music was playing. We ordered lentil soup to start and for four bucks you get huge bowl of deliciousness served with hot pita bread and lemon wedge to squeeze in to your soup. So frigging good. I would go back just to have that soup. Great new lunch option that is sure not to break your bank. I got very full from the soup, but I still wanted to try the paninis that Amid had said have the best bread in them. So I had cheese panini that cost me five bucks. Bread was good indeed, tasted like bun dough. Very soft and sweet. Service was very friendly and fast. We were in and out in 25 minutes.I am sure to come back. Totally loved it.

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  1. Ooooh your outfit is gorge! And I love Turkish food. I like all the different foods from that region - Greek is great too. YUM!


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