Tuesday, June 30, 2009


 Summer office style. It is hot out and once I step out of this air conditioned office and take off my blazer I need something very light underneath it to be walking these streets.
I've become very conscious about burning my skin in the sun and just discovered the UVSunSense bracelet.  Here's how it works: While you're applying sunscreen, use a dab of lotion to coat the wristband where it says "Apply sunscreen to this side." The band will turn purple, indicating it's been activated. When you've absorbed too many harmful UV rays, the band morphs to brown signaling it's time to reapply. And when the words dissappear altogether, it's time to abort your tanning mission and run for cover. Buy a pack for less than $10 here.

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  1. Ihanan näköisenä olet ollut liikenteessä. Vitsit kuulostaa kyllä kätevältä tuo bracelet jutska..


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