Monday, June 22, 2009


We stayed at a resort against my will (click on the photo to see it large). I like staying in places that are less grand and more down to earth, more local, less touristy. But "he" wanted all the amenities of a resort and privacy of a villa. Our room was amazing, but resort life got boring after few days. We're fortunate to have friends living in the area, so they took us around few times to see the real Mo Bay and how locals live.
This is our villa. It was located right at the beach front, so we had beautiful view of the ocean from our terrace. Every morning after waking up I just sat at the balcony for a moment looking at the eternity and taking deep breaths. True serenity. I wish I could start my mornings this style every day. I think I would be so much nicer and calmer person. Maybe I just need to create such area in our garden, during summer of course. Winter time I could utilize our sunroom to be the relaxation room. Need to come up with a plan for that.

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