Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love NYC for the quiet tree lined streets with historic brownstones. 
I love NYC for discovering new beautiful areas in Central Park every time I visit it. 
 I love NYC because of the wide variety of options in everything. I love NYC because I feel like I'm living on top of the world.
 I love NYC because our mayor works for free.  Billionaire Bloomberg, who does not need the work, has done such an excellent job of managing the country’s biggest city, on a $1 yearly salary.  
 I love NYC because whatever it is I need, I can get it any time, even at 3am. I love NYC because of it's diversity. You can travel the world without leaving Manhattan. I love NYC because I can always discover something new.
I love the pretty roughness of NYC. 
I love NYC because... well, just look around.

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  1. Kiva kun kävit kommentoimassa niin löysin blogisi! Oon niin kade! NYC on ihan mun lempikaupunki, vaikka vain kerran oon siellä käynyt. Pitää pian tulla takaisin :)


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