Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love shopping for work clothing. The dresses, straight pants, button down shirts, shoes and accessories to go with everything. Nowadays, since I don't have to wear uniform anymore, every time I buy an item, I ask myself " Is this work appropriate?". I like my skirts and dresses to be knee length and I'm not willing to show cleavage, because having old men drool over me is not cool. I want to be as sexless as possible around these people. They are very quick to comment on you. 
I wear black most of the time, because that is the uniform color of the front office staff and I don't want to stand out too much, but spring and warm weather inspires me to try colors. When Lipstick Jungle was still on (Damn you NBC!) I would turn to Nico Reilly for some fashion inspiration. Her character had the most amazing outfits ever. She never looked sleazy or cheap, but always proper and chic. Her dresses are gorgeous and accessories always match whatever she has going on that day. Her dress and skirt lengths are just right, everything is fitted nicely and her jewelry is to die for. She wears lots of pearls and I absolutely love pearls. One of my favorite earrings I found here.
I wish I had her life. That's something to inspire me to work hard. Minus the cheating husband. 
The day in pictures (at the gym and after work):

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