Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's been while since we traveled last. Last trip we took was to Bermuda. Beautiful place, but too damn expensive. Hotel and airfare was not bad at all, but everything else out of control. Supermarket prices were outrageous, trying to buy some breakfast buns and cheese cost us a fortune.
Only thing this little island produced itself and didn't need to import was this really good strong ginger beer that tickled your tongue so good that I just had to keep buying it. "He" loved the fresh lobster that was about $100 a piece. But it was the best, so we kept paying it without complaints night after night.

At the restaurants and bars I would always get either Dark and Stormy (rum and that yummy strong ginger beer) or Pina Colada made out of the real stuff. Those pina Coladas were so good I was having them with breakfast as well. And lunch. And dinner of course. And for dessert. And for snack.
We went there off-season, so it was far from the tourist-trap I can imagine it gets during the high-season. Beaches were empty and streets quiet. It was beautiful and serene. We rented a vespa for the whole week in order to get around independently.

This summer we have so far two trips planned. First one will be a week long beach front relaxation in the Caribbean. I want to fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the ocean. Spend some quality time with "him", enjoy delicious local foods and drinks, read and write and figure out what I want to do for the next 3 years.

Our second trip will probably be 4th of July weekend and feature gorgeous mountain sanctuary with spa treatments, yoga and meditation. I love the mountains just as much as I love the ocean and always wanted to visit Arizona. Finally making this dream come true.
Keep on living the dream people!


  1. Oi, kuulostaa aika mahtavalta toi mountain sanctuary :D Hyva idea kun itsekin juuri suunnittelen tulevia lomia ja syksyksi olisi kiva keksia jotakin erilaista! Itse asun Irlannissa, pitaakin katsella millaisia paikkoja taalta loytyisi jostain nummien keskelta, hih.

  2. Heippa! Irlannin maaseutu kuulostaa todella romanttiselta, sinne voisikin lahtea parisuhdetta hoitamaan. Olisi varmaan omiaan sellaiseen. :)

  3. Oi vitsit mitä kuvia. Turkoosi vesi ja sininen taivas <3 Tuollaisia maisemia saa täältä päin maailmaa lähteä jo hiukan kauempaa etsimään. :) Ihanilta kuulostaa suunnitelmat!

  4. Oi että, kuulostaa ja näyttää ihan taivaalliselta nuo! Täällä kylmässä Suomessa värjötellessä ainakin :) Noh, onhan täällä jo +7*C! Ja aurinkokin melkein pilkottaa.. Mutta toivottavasti suunnitelmat toteutuu hyvin :)


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