Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today wasn't so bad after all. The walks I did were not mad at all that we sent them to another hotel, since they got a free upgrade to suites at a better rated hotel. And I threw in free breakfast as well. So they were understanding. I did have some other guests that were complaining about everything between the sun and the moon, but I was able to keep my cool and make them happy. I had to be brave when facing the monster.
There is a technique that I use in difficult customer situations. This morning before I met the whining guest face to face (I spoke with them on the phone earlier on the day) I imagined myself in their position and felt compassion and love for them. This way when I meet them to discuss the issue I am calm and , and for some strange way, so are they. There's no other ending to this than a win-win situation. I felt accomplished to make these people happy and they were grateful that I had taken their problem seriously and given them a solution that they liked. Now if I had gone to this situation with frustration and anger I would have received anger and frustration from the guest. It's just the way the world works. It is the greater powers.
Besides work, there's nothing much going on. Well, we did get a grill today and had a little BBQ in our backyard. I just can't get over the amazing flavor grilling gives to anything you put in it. I guess from now and we'll be eating at home much more. This is wonderful because you know exactly what's in your food.

I'm going to enjoy the next three days without work and live a little! You do the same!


  1. Hienosti selvitetty tuo ikävä tilanne!
    Onnea uudesta grillistä!

  2. Kiitos kiitos! Ja tänään vuorossa hampurilaisten grillaus (mulle vegeä ja miehelle ja anopille mita lie haluavatkaan).


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