Friday, May 1, 2009


Last night was painful. Sweating and freezing and mind racing all night long. Stayed in bed all day today and after 6pm I started finally feeling normal again. I'm not a fan of taking any medicine except natural, so I believe I've been cured by Sambucol. That's what I've been taking these past 2 days. I did just read on their website  that they don't recommend taking it for swine flu, but I think I just had regular flu.
I love being home alone, just me and the kitties. I can watch all the girly and home design shows on TV, listen to loud music, re-arrange furniture, clean and declutter. Or just do nothing if I feel like it, without feeling guilty.  
Detox and cleansing workshop with CrazySexy NYC posse May 9th from 1pm-5pm at The Urban Zen Foundation. Michael Perrine will guide us through an in-depth look at detox and cleansing, followed by Donna Perrone who will share her colon hydrotherapy expertise. Denise Mari from Organic Avenue will pop in to talk with us about her LOVE fast. And of course, Kris will be talking about her favorite subject, JUICE! At the end of day, you'll have a chance to ask Kris, Donna, Michael, and Denise your burning questions during the Q&A panel.
Next week, Yoga in Bryant Park begins its 3rd season. Classes are Tuesdays at 10AM and Thursdays at 6pm. All classes are free! For more info visit Lululemon. Also check out Lululemon's funny monthly photo challenges. I think I'm going to participate this month and send them one of my XXXercise faces.
Have a beautiful weekend!

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