Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It is just amazing how much you can get done around the house when you turn off the TV. I used to get stuck in front of it and not get any of the chores done I had planned to do during my day off. I give myself an hour or two a day to watch the idiot box and 3 hours for internet because I'm doing job search and answering work emails. Trying to stay away from Facebook and Twitter and useless window shopping on the internet. Otherwise before I even notice, half the day is gone and I feel guilty.Today the TV stayed turned off completely. Last night me and "him" kind of overdid it with the American Idol Encore video game and spent like 2 hours late night singing and playing. It was fun. I'm singing perfect "Imagine", "Since you been gone", "Eye of the Tiger" and "Crazy in Love" except the "oh oh oh oh oh o o nono" part is totally out of tune... I really get in to it and get up and dance while singing. That gives it more challenge.

I'm also not watching TV anymore right before going to bed. Although I love "Two and Half Men" that's coming at the right time, half an hour before bedtime, I've stopped watching it, because I don't think watching TV before bed is good. I prefer a good positive book.
Anyways, I spent lot of time outside today since the weather was really warm and sunny. I walked to our municipal building to pick up our building permit for some renovations that is going on in our house now and during the next few weeks/months (who knows). These are all photos from today along the way to the municipal building.
When "he" came from work we grilled some veggie kebabs and "he" had a steak as well. The kebabs had mozzarella, mini onions, red bell pepper and cherry tomatoes and I marinated them in my own special bbq sauce. So good. I'm so happy to have grill again. It woke the chef in me. Tomorrow I might have some dessert kebabs with pineapple, mango and marshmallows.

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  1. Your entries are thoroughly entertaining. :)

    It really does make a difference to not watch too much junk TV!


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