Friday, May 29, 2009


I might have mentioned before that the previous owners of our house were really into gardening and we got so many things growing in our yard and no idea what to do about them or how to take care of them. One thing I've grown to hate is the rose bushes. We got too many of them and the landscapers do not trim them, they only take care of all the other shrubs, but not these. So our rose bushes have overgrown a bit. Meaning a lot. I got sick of looking at them the other day, took out my gardening scissors and started pruning. Now I know why hair dressers always cut your hair too short. It's because once you get to the groove of cutting something, it's hard to stop. My skin and clothes got ripped and I got really mad at those damn shrubs. I cut that bush so skinny and short. No more bothering me, bitch.
Ok, moving on. Bracelets are an every day essential for me. I love to match them with my outifts and they are the "fun jewelry", you can go a little crazy with them. I like them big and I like them in multiple rows mixing and matching.
I've never been big on wearing rings, but now every fashionable lady I see at brunch or cocktail parties have these beautiful, bold cocktail rings that really make a statement. So far I got one. I bought it for Halloween for my Amy Winehouse impersonation. After Halloween I noticed I still liked it and started wearing it occasionally for special events.
 Earrings...what can I say? Love them and never leave the house without them. I feel like a tomboy if I'm out in the streets and have no earrings. I used to wear the biggest earrings ever inspired by Beyonce, but since becoming a manager I toned it down a little. But now I guess I should get back to being big, bold and loud again. But seriously, I love pearls. I got tons of them in different colors. I think my favorites right now are these Erwin Pearl white pearls surrounded by tiny cubic zirconias. They're just so adult, but so chic.
Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. Ihana tuo sormuksenpidikekisuli !

    Mun unelma olisi asua NYCissä. One day, one day..


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