Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm totally over the demotion after this long nice weekend. We did lot of barbequing and I applied for about a million jobs online, so I'm confident I'll find something that makes me happy. I found some jobs that I never knew the title, but I always wanted to do, like the Quality Assurance Consultant. That sounds like a dream job to me. Go around hotel chain properties and check what's working and what's not. Like an inspector, but you will actually come up with a plan how to fix these things and make sure that when you leave the management has clear understanding what needs to be done. You will also train people, such as customer service agents, if they are not hospitable enough. Anyway, that was just one of the jobs I browsed through.

These are photos I took after outing with my lovely friend Keli. After our weekly AssKicker-class I followed her to her audition (she an aspiring actress) and observed the intensity that goes on between the casting director and the actress. It was pretty cool to see. The audition took place in the Village, so after it we walked around and found a cute little Italian restaurant to have dinner and a bottle of wine, and of course people watch, since we were seated right in front of the open windows to the street.
There's nothing better than end a busy difficult week with laughter, great food, fun stories and wine with your best girlfriends. It is just so relaxing and makes you feel alive again. Like you can do anything you want, get the job you want, be as fabulous as you want and no matter what happens, you'll always have someone who's gonna give you her realistic view of the situation, but at the same time encourage you and make you realize how good your life actually is and how lucky you are. Can't wait til its Friday again!

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