Friday, April 3, 2009


Equinox Fitness would not give me a break with their ridiculous rates so I went shopping around again. I wanted something luxurious, but reasonable priced. Close to my job. With amazing group fitness classes.
I was not thinking about purchasing memberships when I had a business meeting with Gravity Fitness that we use for our hotel guests. We talked about promotions and how we can better service our customers and work together as a team. At the end of the meeting (that by the way was held at the gorgeous Knave at the Parker Meridien Hotel), when I had finished my cup of peppermint tea and a cookie, my contact mentioned about corporate membership option for our staff in case we got enough interested individuals.
The rate was half the original and got me feeling very anxious. The only problem was that even with this price I might not be able to find enough people, since it’s still double what I heard many of my co-workers pay at their neighborhood gyms. But I decided to give it a try anyway. And I succeed!
I’m a proud member of the Gravity Fitness. I love the quiet, luxurious atmosphere, free bottled water and fruits in the member's lounge, fully equipped and replenished bathroom facilities and the variety of choices when it comes to group exercise classes.
And look at that view from the solarium. That just might be the most gorgeous panoramic view of the park and the city. You can actually order room service up to the pool and have a little penthouse pool hang out with your friends.

From the hotel lobby, an elevator transports members down to an underground workout facility with top-of-the-line equipment--a good percentage of it by Hammer Strength. The facility also has a small penthouse swimming pool and solarium, steam room, spa, two racquetball and basketball courts and two studios for yoga, aerobics, Pilates and dance classes.

I can’t wait to start exercising. Tuesday I’m going to have my first workout session with my personal trainer. I signed up for challenge type of program where I see the trainer 3 times a week for twenty something minutes at a time. Not yet quite sure how that works, but I was promised amazing results. I will keep you updated.
Keli and I are also supposed to start jogging in the park next week, but now that we both joined the same gym we can support each other even more. How awesome.

Be good.


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