Saturday, April 11, 2009


For those of you that didn't know I did my four years of culinary school in Finland. I've been interested in nutrition and eating so that I feel energized. Since starting to exercise again I've become extremely conscious on what I put in my mouth. I read the labels, check the origin and make sure it doesn't have any weird ingredients that I'm unaware of. By keeping it simple and unprocessed is the easiest way to keep it healthy.

For breakfast I usually have oatmeal with organic skim milk and little brown sugar. Or if I'm in big rush, I make quick smoothie with my Magic Bullet with one banana, kefir and some 100% orange juice. I'm thinking of buying some protein powder and spirulina to make it even more healthier. And if I'm working, every single day around 11am I run around the corner from my job and go get that skim Chai and multigrain bagel from Starbucks. This ritual really makes my day better. Seeing the friendly faces of the Starbucks people, listening to that smooth jazz they got going on there and the decor is also very soothing. And they know my order, I don't even have to say it anymore.
Now that I'm seriously training, my lunch usually consists of protein shakes from Pump. They have great selection and every 10th shake is free. That's my kind of deal. If I'm in a mood for something else than shake I go to Seppi's (so fresh French food, one of my favorite restaurants), Cucina for the salad buffet (great selection, fresh), Hale&Hearty Soups for soups obviously or Bella Vita for amazing pastas and pizza. These are my favorites.
For snacks I always have raw almonds in my office. I go to Sam's Club to get the big bag and keep it in the freezer for freshness. Greek Yogurt with honey or fruit compote is what I have for snack if I don't have time to go get lunch. I also love Chex Cinnamon Cereal and have it when I feel sugar craving. Since getting to know David Wolfe and superfoods I've gotten interested in Goji berries and raw cacao and might add that to my super healthy daily snacks.I just ordered David's new book Superfoods-The food and medicine of the future.
I'm going to try to start recording my eating habits and food diaries are great tools for that purpose. I know it might be hard to remember to write everything down, but I'm going to make an effort and when I get 4 weeks worth it I'm going to consult nutritionist or personal trainer and see what they have to say about it. Here's an example of my food diary:
Date: April/10/2009
Time: 7.30am
Banana-vanilla kefir- oj- Smoothie
Beverage: one glass of water
Time: 2.30pm
Before Workout burst-protein shake
Beverage: water
Time: 9.30pm
chicken- cabbage stirfry with white rice
Beverage: water
Time: 11am skim chai and multigrain bagel with butter
Time: 1pm almonds
Time: 4pm almonds

Did you find any meal in particular to be a problem area? If so, which foods can you exchange for a healthier alternative? ______________________________________
Special Section for emotional/binge eaters:
Did you eat anything today when you weren't hungry? What were you feeling before you ate it? After?
Before: ______________________________________
After: ______________________________________
How could you have handled the situation and/or your feelings without turning to food?
List at least one alternative activity you will use tomorrow instead of eating in response to feelings:
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  1. Wow, you're healthy. I'm very impressed. I think you would be shocked and appalled at my food diary :)


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