Monday, April 6, 2009


I started the new workout regime today at my new gym (that I love). I met with the personal trainer right after work and got the paperwork started. I got weighted, measured, my BMI (body mass index), blood pressure and pulse taken. Then we got into the machines and went through the 30 minute Quickie workout setting all the numbers for each machine and getting me familiar with adjusting them and using the computerized workout program.
With "The Quickie," a person can get into the gym and work out their entire body in just 28 minutes. Each of the exercises in The Quickie consists of only one set of very heavy weights, performed in a slow, concise manner. The trick is to push the body's muscles to momentary failure--the point where they can't work anymore. The concept isn't new but does get overlooked.

The Quickie program includes nine stations of weightlifting machines designed to work larger muscle groups such as the legs and the back first, and then work down to the smaller muscles such as the biceps and the triceps in the arms. Cardiovascular training is also suggested with the program and I will try to get some done even I really hate it... But one of the trainers gave me really good suggestions what I should look out while doing cardio so that we can identify why it is so hard for me. So I will take a look at that tomorrow.

Of course there is also the fun way of doing cardio such as taking aerobic classes. They got everything from afro to video star to kickboxing, so I'll be sure to attend those classes regularly. I'm so happy that I found affordable fitness center where I feel right at home. Everyone's so nice and accommodating and really eager to share their knowledge.

After six weeks I'm going to get measured, weighted and tested again to see the the progress. Also the program is going to change a bit in order to not to get the muscles used to the same thing. It stops the development. I'm already waiting for tomorrow to get back to the gym. How exciting has life become all of a sudden!

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