Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I feel better today and will be going to work tomorrow again. I spent the day reading, cleaning, gardening and preparing myself for a job interview. I also look forward to going to the gym. Seems like forever since I was there last time. Well, it almost has been a week. I went there last Thursday before the event at Asia De Cuba. Friday they were closed because some new equipment was coming in.
Weather should also cool down a bit and that's ok, it's been really hot. I'm glad i was off and was able to enjoy it and not running around Manhattan sweating my butt off in my black suit and the worst; going down to the subway stations that are known to be like saunas in the summer time.
Shopping for shorts and some other beach vacation gear at Macy's. Yes, we're going, I will let you know soon where. But it's gorgeous out there! So excited!

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