Monday, April 27, 2009


I got the sniffles big time and the funny thing is that I was fine on Saturday before I started reading the news. Once I read few articles about the swine flu it started with the first sneeze. Then another one. Third. Fourth.  Then I stopped counting. It was almost nonstop between the hours of 5pm-10pm, until I fell asleep. Psychosomatic? Maybe. My body and brain work seamlessly together. Anyway, it's really hot and my nose doesn't stop running and I don't feel good overall. I'm off today and tomorrow and want to get so many things done around the house and yard, but my energy drains out fast. I also think that I need to ask our landscapers to do the weeding as well on top of the other things they are doing. I looked at the flower benches today and I'm overwhelmed.
I'm also worried about my cat Moses (he is big) is getting heat stroke from these temperatures. I will give him bath tomorrow and make sure he will play with water when ever he wants to play with something. He likes trying to catch water dripping from faucets.
Tomorrow's plan is lots of liquids (just water and white tea with organic honey), fresh fruits (I have kiwis, mangos and red grapefruits) noodle soup and with some fresh garlic (garlic has anti-viral and immune enhancing properties). I should be able to be in office condition by Wed.

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