Sunday, March 15, 2009


Spring is here! Although the first day of the spring was not what we expected. I must say I was pretty shocked when I saw the snowy ground after waking up and looking out to the yard. But luckily it didn't stick and by the time I got home from work it was gone. Phew, no need to pay $50 for the snow removal people (since we are too lazy to do it ourselves).

Spring for me is time to re-create mysef, time to better myself, time to discover and try new things. Few things that I have in mind for this spring are 1. Try Juice fast 2. Keep working out at my favourite fitness club Equinox 3. Start jogging Thursdays and Fridays after work at Central Park and the Hudson River waterfront 4. Switch more of my beauty products in to organic or natural 5. Network, socialize and attend events where I get to meet more inspirational, positive people

1. My friend did the one week juice fast with a little help from Arise and Shine . She did it together with her boyfriend and they both noticed positive effects when cleanse was over, such as better skin, added energy level and change of eating habits to healthier. Their meals and snacks include much more fresh fruits and vegetables now and less sugar and meat. And since she is real person and not a spokes person for the company she has inspired me to try it. I think I will first do just the 4 day fast and then in the summer try to do it for 7 days.
2. Oh Equinox, we had such great relationship these past four weeks and I don’t want to let it go. I also don’t want to pay $170 a month for your caring and services, but now that I have formed relationships with people on the inner circle, I’m quite sure I’ll be able to swing by 2-3 times a week and see you regularly again. You’re so sleek and stylish, just like me ;).

3. Yes, I know. We said we were going to do it since last spring and we didn’t, but this time we’re both much better off. She’s got a man and I’ve conquered my fear of cardio. So, yes we can! The plan here is to go jogging around the Central Park once or twice a week. But we got other route options too.

The reclaiming of the Hudson River waterfront has provided a great alternative to Central Park for joggers like us. We can enter the Hudson River Park around 14th Street and go towards the prettier and roomier route to the south. It is worth a detour to run along the developed piers near Christopher Street, before following the Hudson River through Battery Park City, with a view of the Statue of Liberty on the right and one of the best urban park development efforts in years on the left, including Robert F. Wagner Jr. Park.

Great way to end this little tour is to take the free and scenic ride on the Staten Island Ferry, enjoy the evening sun go down while chatting girl stuff and drinking that bottled water. Oh, and not to forget picture taking. I must remember to bring my camera with me.

4. I have already changed my shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, face and body lotions, make up foundation, mascara, lip balm and all my cleaning products to natural and cruelty-free products. This means no harsh chemicals, environmental friendly production and packaging and no animal testing. Next I’m going to give boot to my old toothpaste and mouthwash and change it to Jason’s. I also need to start buying natural laundry detergent.
Most of my make-up products I get from AVEDA and Body Shop as well as while grocery shopping at Whole Foods I tend to disappear to the beauty isle while my husband is ordering his stuff at the fish counter.

House hold items such as dish soap, hand soaps and cleaning products (hardwood cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, kitchen cleaner etc.) I get from Duane Reade or order online at I was surprised to see Method products being sold at our “every NYC corner” Duane Reade Pharmacies for a good price, so nowadays that’s where I go to get my Method.

5. I have met few very inspirational young women in the past 6 months and I like to surround myself with a positive crowd like that. First I met motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein (you can read more about her on my first post).

Then I attended free nutritional class and cooking demonstration promoted by Social Diva at Donna Sonkin’s Upper East Side apartment. Donna is a holistic health counselor and she teaches her clients how to cook and eat healthfully. She introduced me to few wonderful ingredients such as kale (absolutely love it!And it is so good for you), collards and toasted sesame oil (heavenly smell when used as a cooking oil). She also told me about this website where you can look up tons of nutritional information: World's Healthiest Foods
I should not forget to mention my fitness guru Patricia Moreno. She is amazing person just radiating positivity, good energy and wisdom (and she has an awesome body). Yesterday when my one month Intensati challenge ended I just felt so empty thinking that I would not be seeing her regularly anymore and be part of this wonderful movement she created. Her classes have such strong magical athmosphere; the lights are dimmed, music is loud, people are chanting the affirmations out loud, sometimes on top of their lungs (especially when she is asking "Are you a warrior?" and people shout out "YES! I'M A WARRIOR!"). I already miss all that. Which once again is pushing me to consider joining Equinox...

Patricia Moreno always having the time of her life teaching a class and inspiring us all.

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