Monday, March 30, 2009


Today was my day off and I could not get up before 12.30pm. I hate sleeping late, because it is such a waste of day. Especially now that spring is here and the sun is shining through our sheer master bedroom curtains giving me the sweet tender wake up call. But I had a bad night. First wake up came around 3am when I woke up with terrible headache and needed to go downstairs to get some water and medicine and wait for it to kick in. Second wake up came 8am when burning lower stomach pain woke me up. More medicine and back to sleep. I should try one of the natural remedies for this monthly pain they suggest like banana, pickle juice (yack!), two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar 3 times a day, rice or yogurt. Not sure. These don't sound like miracle makers to me.

After noon my youngest one Moses had enough with my sleeping and decided to jump on my chest purring and trying to give me love bites. That gets me up and fast. Love bites hurt.Our TV in the living room died on me which I wasn't mad about, because watching TV aimlessly is waste of time, just like sleeping all day is. "He" thought it was crisis of course, because TV and movies are so important to him. "That TV is part of the family", he said. Must be his side of the family, not mine, I replied. We have 4 other TVs in this house, pick one. They're slightly smaller, but do the job just as well.

Anyways, now i had more time to do my chores around the house. Do some laundry, dye all my faded black clothes back to black (how easy was that,never thought of it before), decorate the office (finally) and check work emails to see if there's anything urgent. There wasn't, but few fun promotional emails.

Amazing find of the day:
$1 cruelty free nail polish from e.l.f.
Here's why:
• Toluene-, formaldehyde- and DBP-free.
• Added vitamin E
• Chip-resistant formula

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