Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I met this girl at one of Gabrielle Bernstein's lectures. She was a group excercise instructor at the prestigious Equinox Fitness Club. She invited me and my friend Coda Ray to come and try her class, she would put our names on the guest list. 

I had been interested joining Equinox already for some time, but the $170 monthly membership fee on top of the eight hundred and something initiation fee was bit too much for my budget at the time. So I had joined New York Health and Racquet Club one block from my job as part of my New Years Resolution; make excercise regular part of my life. But I hate the place. It's full of big ass bodybuilders, old ladies, the locker rooms are straight from the eighties and the group excercise teachers are freaking weird. I don't feel quite home in there.


I'm so mad for joining NYHRC without doing the one week free trial first (they talked me into this awesome deal that was available only that one day...yeah right.). I did negotiate the price down pretty well, from $120 to $90/month. And I only agreed to 4 month trial membership.


April 31st I'm done with the place and been already starting to look for other options such as the Gravity at the Parker Meridien Hotel. I had good experience with them, I went for the tour and they gave me 4 guest passes so I can come and try it. Plus they invited me to try one of their dance classes where we learned Beyonce's "Single Ladies". It was so much fun, I brought my homegirl Kelz with me.

Anyways, back to Equinox. So the class I went to was called Intensati. I had never heard of it other than at Gabrielle Bernstein's lectures, because she keeps saying how awesome it is and it goes right along side with her teachings to try to use all these tools to make your mind positive.
"IntenSati is an exhilarating workout that builds physical, mental, and spiritual muscle. Courage, confidence, willpower, enthusiasm, self-respect, and a strong, healthy body are all results of this powerful practice."
"IntenSati combines high-energy, total-body training with powerful, positive statements that you either think or speak. The goal of this practice is to enable a seamless and total integration of body and mind, allowing you to be and experience all you deeply want. You will learn to tap into the power of the present moment in order to embody –rather than just think or talk about - your BOLDEST, MOST EMPOWERED, BEST SELF."

The class started with some Indian-sounding music with great beat that really gets you in the mood for spirituality. And then instructor starts to say out loud statements that everyone in the class repeats after her, such as "Yes! I can do it! Yes! Watch out world! Here i come!".

"I have the power to choose and I choose to accept it
I deserve the best, I am worthy of success
I am sure it is time, this year is mine
I am fired up
I am ready to go
I am playing full out
I will take control

I love myself enough to improve my mood and my attitude"

Yes, it is hard cardio excercise. Lots of jumping jacks and such things, so that if working out hasn't been on your list of things to do for a while, you're sure to feel exhausted and unable to do it with full power. I wasn't. It's been over three years since I worked out regularly. I've been extremely lazy for these past few years, thinking I don't need to excercise because I'm skinny. But it isn't just about being skinny, it is upping your energy levels, feeling good and active, toning, being healthy, positive and all that.

So after my introduction to Intensati I went once a week to the classes (she was able to get me in for free every Wednesday only), but then after about 4 weeks the club manager at Equinox changed and my instructors unlimited guest list was limited to just one person per class. So I stopped doing it

But I did join Intensati mailing list just to see if they had any interesting events going on in the city. And surely enough they did have more free classes and I was able to attend one taught by the founder of Intensati, Patricia Moreno. She is so very inspirational, very charismatic and sweet at the same time with an amazing body of course. And then we come to where I'm at now.


Patricia Moreno launched an Intensati challenge together with Equinox Fitness Clubs. The challenge was to attend three classes a week for four weeks. They would give you an all access pass to use in any Equinox Club you wanted to go for one month and if you passed the challenge you would be given another pass to continue working out at Equinox, nutritional counseling with Patricia and Intensati products.

I had my doubts about it (no clue why), but I almost did not even submit my story. But I did last minute and was so happy when I got the email saying "Congratulations! You are part of the Intensati Team Shine!". Only 20 people got picked and I was one of them. We had to submit our stories on why 2009 is the year when I'm going to make it. Only thing in my mind was after I got the news was that during this challenge I need to make myself addicted to excercising. And I really hope that's what's going to happen. It's on.

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