Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Falling in Love with Your Future with Gabrielle Bernstein

A friend of mine asked me to attend motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein's lecture in Soho House, because "she had always wanted to go visit that building" (which is members only private club/hotel with rooftop bar and pool). I'm easy-going in the summer and decided to go since it was right after I got off from work. I took the train to 14th St. and met Tricia and her friend and got our seats at the auditorium at Soho House. Every lady who walked in looked very well-maintained and wearing the cutest dresses from casual summer style to executive look. Crowd was mostly 24-35 professional NYC crowd and I sure wish I had some good pics of everyone coming in to that auditorium. Very fashionable and fabulous!This first lecture gave us the basics of living your life "at 10" and basic tools to maintain your happiness and positivity. We got some exercises to do at home and help us to prepare for the next lecture.After the lecture me, Tricia and two of her friends tried to sneak out to the rooftop, but there was a lady asking for our membership card and did not allow us even to take a peek. Ooh so exclusive...I did most of the exercises and was eager to attend the second lecture about a month or two later, this time at the Hotel on Rivington (awesome place in my old neighborhood Lower East Side, I was living at Delancey St.)I got my friend Coda Ray to come along with me, since I had told her about the previous lecture and I guess no one says no for some extra positivity in their lives.Once again, the meeting lounge was packed with young fabulous ladies. There was POM beverages for everyone as well as jewelry maker promoting her business on the side.This setting (see pictures) allowed much more interaction between Gabrielle and the ladies. There was lot of questions about how individual can fit Gabby's teaching in their own personal situation and she got personalized answers for anyone who had time to present their dillemma.I left both of these lectures feeling a bit more empowered and having great hopes for the future. I have always been the kind of positive thinker knowing that things will always work themselves out and I've always been able to achieve what I've dreamed of, so I don't stress much at all about anything.What I really liked about these events were the tools that were given and suggested by many of the ladies that have high aspirations.
After the lecture Social Diva had organized a cocktail party at the rooftop of the Hotel on Rivington. The space was totally mind blowing! Penthouse duplex suite with large rooftop terrace and jacuzzi and amazing views! We enjoyed few complimentary Pomegranate Martinis and adored the view 'til the sun went down.Too bad I missed the third lecture that was this week, but luckily I can always tune to and listen to it! Her next one is going to be in November and I must cancel everything else I have planned for that day and go because this one might really help my life; Romantic Relationships.

 "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and findall the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."Whether you are married, entering a new relationship, engaged or single this lecture is for you!Gabrielle will help you to uncover the elements which are blocking you from receiving love. Understanding that we have the incredible ability to alter our own reality, she will also provide techniques to help you shift the way in which you perceive relationships, and will guide you towards manifesting abundance in this area of your life!"

“Every morning, when we wake up, we have twenty-four brand-new hours to live. What a precious gift! We have the capacity to live in a way that these twenty-four hours will bring peace, joy, and happiness to ourselves and others.” Thich Nhat Hanh

“We are powerless in most situations – all we can control is our thinking. Choose to shift your perceptions and create miracles.” Gabrielle Bernstein


Shift your perceptions to positive and fall in love with your future

Our goal is to live in 10, where happiness and positive view on life has been reached.

Where are you living? 1-10
1-10 ___

What blocks you from your 10?

Example: - financial situation – relationship – self-image – unsatisfying job

THE THREE R’S – Recognize, Record, Release
“The change we are looking for is inside our heads.”

RECOGNIZE (those things that block you from your ten)

Example: - financial situation – relationship – self-image – unsatisfying job

Example: I abandon myself when I listen to my ego and …
- don’t eat healthy
- don’t exercise
- don’t believe in myself
- I will never be able to get my dream job

Release tools:
· Rewrite/Rephrase (in a positive way)
- Today I ate healthy (fake it til you make it)
- I am going to get the job I love by the end of the year

· Breathe (breathe in love, breath out I release my fear)
· Move (dance, yoga, walking, pilates)
· Share (choose one main voice who understands you, stands behind you, listens to you. Mentor, Guru.)
· Visualize (Play out the scenario)
- In your mind, make a vision board, make a list of what you want (in your job, another one in your relationship etc.)

How does your life look like at a 10? (What would make your life to be 10?)


- I have lots of money
- I have great physique and health
- I’m full of serenity
- I’m in a happy marriage

Morning Exercise: Choose happiness in the morning


- I make happy dance routine to my favorite music
- On my way to work I listen to my Shift of Perception – play list (music that makes me energetic, powerful, fearless and motivated)
- On my way to work I write a gratitude list (all things in my life that I’m grateful of)
- On my way to work I read inspirational flash cards and keep them at my work desk and pick them up throughout the day to be reminded

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